Tournament Fighting

Kung Fu – Lau Gar Style

The style taught by the Organisation is Lau Gar style. This is a Southern Shao-Lin style that uses the ‘hard and soft’ method of training that includes Lau Gar sets, weaponry, kicking techniques, combination techniques, mens and womens self defence, walking techniques, hand blocks, kick blocks, flying kicks, free fighting, throwing techniques and foot sweeps.

Keep Fit

With the keep fit craze becoming more popular, we feel it is a must to give students an extensive and beneficial warm up period that involves all the muscles in the body. The workout consists of push ups, sit ups, squat jumps, squat thrusts, running, shuttle runs, stretching, stamina exercises, circuits, body toning, body awareness, aerobic workout, abdominal conditioning, squats, twisting sit ups, light weights, repetition work outs.

Self Defence

With the ever increasing violence on the streets, we feel that it is a must to incorporate practical and effective self defence that will work in an everyday situation. The movements taught are especially practical to women students.

Tournament Fighting

All students are taught to fight from white sash and above in semi contact in all the clubs, so that helps to develop confidence and fighting ability. As well as allowing students to free fight, we also hold interclub tournaments to give students a chance to win trophies that we hope will lead to further achievements in National Championships. With Lau Gar being at the forefront of world martial arts in competition, a strong emphasis is placed on building up power, speed, balance, split timing, footwork, winning combinations.